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"I shared with them knowledge, but they gave me conviction and inspiration."

- Mark Lawrence Cruz, Head of Academic Affairs

June 12, 2016 - Independence Day takes a special turn as the 29 scholars, comprising SEED Philippines' pioneering batch of social entrepreneurs, graduate. After two full years of rigorous training and learning outside the classroom and inside the 34-hectare community known as the GK Enchanted Farm, we have no doubt that these graduates are ready to become the next generation of innovators and take the lead in creating inclusive wealth for all.

SEED Philippines Pioneer Batch 2016 graduate

29 SEED Philippines Pioneer Batch 2016 graduate

ANGAT, BULACAN – Gawad Kalinga Enchanted Farm marks an important milestone as the pioneer batch of School for Experiential and Entrepreneurial Development (SEED) Philippines scholars graduate today at the Hyundai Center for Green Innovation (HCGI).

“Now you're going to start building the dreams you said you're going to build on this same stage. Simula ng paglalakbay ng katuparan ng lahat ng pangarap ninyo sa buhay. Ang kalayaan ng tao ay nagsisimula sa pangarap,” Joni Morales, SEED Head of Student Affairs, mentioned.
11:00 am June 12, 2016 | GK Enchanted farm

“You are women and men in mission. You are proofs of concept that the bottom of the pyramid is a treasure waiting to be discovered. The brightest and the best of the world are giving the best of themselves here. Not only for the liberation of your families but for the country,” said Gawad Kalinga Founder Tony Meloto as he formally opened the Graduation Ceremony.

Tito Tony also emphasized that today is not just a day of liberation. It is a day of thanksgiving when all SEED graduates will start making their dreams happen
11:00 am June 12, 2016 | GK Enchanted farm

“Gawad Kalinga opened this very huge opportunity for people like me – opened the doors of hope to continue dreaming. First lesson that this place has taught me is to become confident for who and what you are. GK is home. In our house, we don't have doors and comfort rooms. But here, we have a home with Tito Tony. We have found hope that is rooted on love that is selfless, love that is for everyone. Our mentors showed us that we are not the rejected stones but we are the cornerstones of this country.”
- Ron Ranier Dela Cruz, SEED 2016 graduate
11:00 am June 12, 2016 | GK Enchanted farm

“I have expanded my view of family. As my children received the best education, I also worked to ensure the poor get the same. Now we have a school that is truly world class because the poor deserve nothing less. This is the Filipino dream we are building on the ground. We must inspire greatness in everyone and build a platform where everyone can participate in making our nation prosper. This is the best time to be a Filipino.”
- Jun Tatel, SEED parent
11:00 am June 12, 2016 | GK Enchanted farm

“Graduation is a preview of our better future at siyempre espesyal ngayon kasi kasama namin ang mga magulang namin."
- Anna Victoria Salamat, SEED Philippines Pioneer Batch 2016
9:00 am June 12, 2016 | GK Enchanted farm

Fr. Arnold Abelaro, who presided the Baccalaureate Mass, asked the 29 SEED graduates to express their gratitude towards their parents.

“We should never forget where we're coming from. Our roots and our culture. People will remember us because how much we love and care for others. True independence is freedom from ignorance, poverty, violence and on anything that destroys life and divides us.” Fr. Arnold also added.
9:00 am June 12, 2016 | GK Enchanted farm

Kids thanking their parents. "Maraming salamat po. Mahal namin kayo!”
9:00 am June 12, 2016 | GK Enchanted farm

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LEFT PHOTO: In the past week leading to this day, the now-graduates had to fulfill one final requirement: business proposal defense. Our SEED scholars were given 15 minutes to pitch their business ideas and substantiate how it is addressing a social concern in front of a jury of entrepreneurs, including Tony Meloto himself.


RIGHT PHOTO: Veering away from their usual farm-ready uniforms, the students had an early celebration during their graduation ball. Themed Garden Wonderland, it was a night for the students to enjoy good food and music (and even better company) prepared by the farm's management team and culturally-diverse community of interns.


To our partners who believed in SEED's vision and made this day possible:

Arch. Ed Ledesma Jeffrey Neil Mabborang
Ben and Ginger Yap Marianne Joyce Evangelista
Cynthia and Ivy Almario Mary Anne Narciso
De Claro Family Merit Partners
Gerardo Ablaza Jr. Michael & Erlinda Goco
Marla Agustin Nikitta Lourdes Ramos
Anjelica Manalo Rosette Natividad
Antonio Ormel Polintan Susan Nicdao
Arhmi Canillo-Sumalinog Tristan Daigne Nimes
Arlene Cruz Benzon Florendo
Camille Meloto Charlene Pearl Rosalita
Chesca Castaneda Christian Sorita
Clarissa Santos Czargent Bron
Franz Kenneth Tio Guillermo Estrella
Jakarta Ladies Arison Group


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