Bayanihan enterprise that builds communities

A community, driven by a culture of caring and sharing, is united in all efforts towards a progressive nation. This is why social entrepreneurs Justin dela Cruz and Noel Masinsin of Happy Green chose Gawad Kalinga Enchanted Farm in Brgy. Encanto, Angat in Bulacan to start a business, a venture providing jobs for villagers of GK communities in the province. 

Happy Green, focused on bringing foods co-designed with grassroots communities and proudly promotes the agricultural identity of the Philippines, created Enchantea with Linda Maningas, GK Enchanted Farm resident. It is a refreshing herbal concoction of the brewed all-Filipino nutri-organics such as lemongrass, duhat, pandan, avocado and calamansi providing anti-oxidants to the body. 

It was initially the iced tea Linda served to visitors in the area in early 2010.  She learned how to make it through a seminar for villagers of the GK community. She improved the taste of the beverage and developed the recipe still in use today. Kapitbahayan members (neighborhood association) of Enchanted Farm and nearby GK communities help source the ingredients.  

People visiting the farm grew fond of it and asked for second servings. “This was consistent for almost everyone, including the GK staff, foreign visitors and other guests. Happy Green then stepped up to develop the iced tea into a product that can be known outside and not just within the farm,” said Justin. 

Enchantea, since then, has been bottled, labeled and distributed as a Happy Green product that supports the GK CSI initiative with GK communities.  Another product under the brand is the Salabatea, a ginger tea powdered mix.

“Furthermore, since the product is continuously being developed and expanded, the partnership shows that poverty alleviation and wealth creation is a road being taken seriously, and one taken for the long-haul,” said Justin. 

The collaboration between Justin, Noel and residents of the GK communities is an expression of Bayanihan where knowledge is exchanged to fulfill a bigger mission… to end poverty in the country as well as to help others aspire to be better.  

Other social enterprises working together with Gawad Kalinga-Center for Social Innovation are: Theo & Philo (chocolate bar), Gourmet Keso (dairy products), Sawsawan ni Juan (condiments), Golden Egg (salted egg), Red Carpet (furnishings), Blue Bamboo (bamboo products), Ratan Man, Jacinto & Lirio (bags), and Grassroots Kitchen (catering).