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All In Basketball Charity Event


November 4 (Tuesday)

11:00AM – 2:00PM  Official Press Conference, NBA Café
  3:00PM – 4:00PM Gawad Kalinga Site Visit
  4:00PM – 6:00PM Basketball Clinic

November 5 (Wednesday)

11:00AM – 2:00PM  Charity Lunch, Solaire Hotel
  3:00PM – 5:00PM Meet and Greet, MOA Arena
   6:00PM – 7:30PM Gates Open
  7:30PM – 10:00PM Basketball Game

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Name:                  Leren C. Bagtas
Email Address:
Mobile Number:  0917-6288744

For more details, visit:  

PCWorx: Heroes in QC

by JCruz

Over the years of volunteering in GK, Bayanis from all walks of life never fail to inspire me with their extra ordinary acts all in the name of a better future. I have seen multinational companies to regular Juans contributing the same amount of passion in this mission and working together on a common vision. And this is the very reason why I will never quit in shaping this country to become better, never stop dreaming for our countrymen and never stop hoping for the best because I know there will always be people around me who will carry the weight of our country’s problems no matter what.

Another Bayani Company Story

Last year our team’s journey became more exciting when we met with PC Workx, Inc, a company who provides IT products and other related services. Back then they were looking for a partner foundation who they can work with to have meaningful event for the yuletide season. But when the team sat down and started to prepare for the event, instantly both realized that they founded a common partner in mission in making the country a better place. So as soon as we were laying the plans for the event, dreams began to grow and the will to challenge the impossible becomes greater. Even before the Christmas event was concluded, they mounted a fun run called RUN TAHANAN to benefit GK Bulaklakan with more houses. 

And just like the previous event, they mounted GK Workx Academy to help educate residents with basic computer knowledge so they have a better chance of getting hired in the workplace that is even before they heard the gunshot to signal the start of the run. 


GK QC and PCWorx Academy Computer Tutorial at GK Bulaklakan

And here we are graduating the first batch of many learners and now preparing an even bigger event called ALL IN Basketball Game inviting one of the NBA legends, now coach, Allen Iverson together with other ballers like Gilbert Arenas, Eddie Curry, and DerMarr Johnson plus the Ball Up Streetball All-Stars on November 5 at MOA arena not only to showcase their God given basketball skills but also to support our fight against poverty. Proceed of this event is intended to put up another GK village in GK Bulaklakan in Brgy Holy Spirit Quezon city. Certainly this partnership is going nowhere but bigger and bigger by the day, the kind of friendship that is needed to counter a culture bred by a huge amount of poverty incidences.

Team GK and Team PCWorx during the Presscon for All In Basketball
Click here for more details.

Team Passion

Of course the partnership wouldn’t be possible without the real Bayani fuelling the show and in this case it is led by Mr. Mike Chua, Managing Director of PC Workx, Inc who is nothing but hopeful and radical in providing ideas to further grow the partnership, together with him are his partners; Fewin Lao and Jake Oh in crafting these radical ideas. Joined by their top managers Ms. Mashi Narajos of HR and Ms. Alou Adonis Training Director to ensure the success of plans and making dreams a reality to beneficiaries of these projects.

The remarkable show of passion of this team truly inspires volunteers in GKQC and setting new standards to new partners who is willing to build the country with us. Their team is an example of how walang iwanan and challenging the impossible should be practiced. Their motivation goes beyond the required corporate social responsibility, but instead, embracing one’s innate mission as a Filipino to build the inherited land and caring for its people. People like them is a living hope for a poverty-free country, they are a new breed of companies in a flesh who is courageous and brave enough to respond to the needs of the time while running their business. Corporate guys who will be respected because of their generous heart rather than an enterprise with deep pocket.

GKQC is exciting more than ever because of partnership like this and not replicating this is a great injustice and disservice to our people. Because of them, our share in the mission of ending poverty to 5 million Filipinos becomes clearer and clearer that is not just about houses and programs but by winning hearts of people and spreading the culture of caring and sharing this way. Making partnerships like this more and more overt and making it the new norm.

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