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If each of us takes part in caring and sharing, the overwhelming challenge of poverty can be addressed. Alone we can do so little, but together we can do so much.

The season of Christmas is a time of merry-making, a time for thanksgiving and most especially, a time to reflect and give back for the many blessings that came upon us during the year. We were excited to hear that our Kapitbahayan, volunteers and partners spent a day together just to enjoy each other's company, to celebrate the friendship that was built and to honor each other for giving their all for the mission. We were thrilled and grateful as well to our friends, individuals, corporations, organizations, students, and even families who chose to spend a day to bring Christmas to our communities, most especially to the kids! Which of course includes gift giving, singing, dancing and eating! We are sharing with you here the many stories that were shared with us that reminded us of the very reason for this season: CHRIST. Thank you for bringing Christmas to our GK communities. Everyday. CHRISTMAS LIVES! :)

December 28, 2012

When you open your heart to Christmas, it will really come flooding in. :) Today, 35 kids from GK Sto. Niño joined the children of AXA Life employees in their Kiddie Christmas Party. Words can’t describe the joy in the faces of these GK kids as each wish was granted by a corresponding AXA Santa. Thank you AXA Philippines not only for building a loving community for these children but for not leaving them behind ever since. Thank you for opening your hearts to them and for making Christmas live in their community and in their lives. ♥ 

December 24, 2012

Last Saturday, we joined AXA Philippines in bringing Christmas not just to the 40 families they gave homes to a few years back but to all the 111 families in GK Sto. Niño. Yesterday we joined LBC Foundation as they celebrated with GK Baluarte, including the 9 families that were given new homes that morning. I stand in awe and thank God for the privilege of witnessing His miracles all year round. May we all continue to bring hope to our country and our people not only this Christmas but every day of the year. Have a Blessed Christmas, everyone! :)

December 23, 2012

How are your Christmas parties? How are the reunions and get togethers? :)

Sharing with you a post by one of our GK volunteer in Cebu: "Here at GK Sinulog Village, the first GK community here in Cebu for their Christmas party! It feels like home everytime we come to visit! The food is overflowing and of course, lots of singing (of Bisaya Christmas songs!) and dancing. Gangnam Style on replay! Happy and grateful to celebrate with the community and to be reminded of the very reason of the season: Christ! Merry Christmas! :)"

December 21, 2012
4 days 'til Christmas!!! It's good to be reminded about the reason for the season: Christ!

Caught this little boy playing in their community's belen made with love by our Kapitbahayans from GK STMC-LGU GK Village in Calabanga, Camarines Sur. Christmas lives! ♥

December 21, 2012
So how is your Dec 21st of 2012 a.k.a. end of the world? :)

Well for us, we received an update that just filled our day today with LOVE. ♥ Sharing it with you here hoping that it will fill your day with love too!

"Love is in the air this Christmas!!! Christmas Party and Golden Wedding Anniversary celebration here in GK Pag-asa, Quezon City of the parents of Jay Dalet, our GK volunteer from UP Manila. A double celebration of faith, hope and love!"

December 20, 2012
Look who came to spend Christmas with our kids in GK Arkong Bato! :)

Because Christmas is all about sharing and bringing happiness to the communities you care about! :) Thank you James Yap and Yapsters Club (and for these photos too!!!) for spending your Christmas with us! And what's even sweeter is that the Yapsters got a text from GK Arkong Bato's Kapitbahayan (GK resident) President: "Salamat sa inyo Yapsters Club! Salamat po sa pagpapasaya niyo sa mga bata. Dalangin namin na maging matatag pa po ang inyong samahan. God bless!"

December 19, 2012
Six days! Anim na araw! Unom ka adlaw! :) How's your Christmas preparations? You have Christmas decorations made out of recyclable materials too? Share! :) Received this update (below) from a volunteer:

"Our kids from STMC-LGU GK Village, Calabanga, Camarines Sur says "Merry Christmas!" And yes, that's a snowman right there! The Kapitbahayans are creating Christmas decorations from indigenous and recyclable materials and filling their village with it! Filipinos' creativity at its finest! :)"

December 17, 2012
It's 8 days before Christmas! You excited? :) Reading through tweets and browsing through photos bout Christmas parties spent with our GK communities. *kilig* Christmas well-spent! Maraming, maraming salamat po! :)Sharing with you one post shared by a volunteer below:

"Rain or shine, we bring sweet sunshine! :) Merry Christmas my beloved GK family!"

Christmas lives! ♥

December 1, 2012
This beautiful community was first built for the survivors of Typhoon Frank, which devastated Iloilo in 2008. Look at it now.

We spent days racking our brains for Christmas inspiration, but I guess all it takes is a few minutes on ground. Because here, Christmas is everywhere! It's in their smiles when they welcome you to the place they call home. It's in the warmth of their 'Maayong hapon' and the joy in their hellos. Christmas IS alive. ♥ And it lives today and every day, in their homes and in their hearts.

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