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If each of us takes part in caring and sharing, the overwhelming challenge of poverty can be addressed. Alone we can do so little, but together we can do so much.

Amid the violence, faith and hope thrive. But the work is far from over, and WE NEED YOUR HELP! In the next few weeks, depending on the situation in the area, Team GK will:

  1. Prepare ~1,000 hot meals (Php15/meal) per day by organizing a "Kusina ng Kalinga" in the evacuation center to cook and serve the meals
  2. Improve the potability of water either through filtering the current water source or all together drilling a new well.
  3. Conduct psycho social activities for at least 800 kids (Php 200/child)
  4. Address health issues with medical consultations and medicine
  5. Distribute hygiene kits

Thanks to your generosity, as of April 13, 2015, the Kalinga Maguindanao campaign has:

  1. Distributed a total of 22,224 cooked meals
  2. Conducted five (5) Paraisong Pambata activities (play therapy)
  3. Installed five (5) water pumps
  4. Served the following evacuation centers:
    (1) Dapiawan Central Elementary School, Datu Saudi Ampatuan
    (2) Mahad Buayan, Dapiawan, Datu Saudi Ampatuan
    (3) Madrasah Madia, Madia, Datu Saudi Ampatuan
    (4) House Based Madia, Madia, Datu Saudi Ampatuan
    (5) Kunsay Compound, Dapiawan, Datu Saudi Ampatuan
    (6) Pendililang Elementary School, Salbo, Datu Saudi Ampatuan
    (7) Market Site, Talayan
    (8) Manggahan, Talayan

But the work is far from over. While they still dream, let us help them hold on to those dreams. While they still care for others, let us also assure them that we haven't left them behind.


  ONLINE VIA CREDIT CARD (Currency: Philippine Peso)


When giving online, please note that the currency is in Philippine Peso (PHP). If you live overseas, kindly make sure you convert the amount to PHP. Thank you!


  • Gawad Kalinga PHP Current Account # 3101 0977 56 BPI EDSA Greenhills
  • Gawad Kalinga US$ Savings Account # 3104 0162 34 BPI EDSA Greenhills (Swift code: BOPIPHMM)


    When giving via bank deposit, please scan the deposit slip or take note of the transaction number and email to with the following details:

  • Name of Donor
  • Date of Deposit, Amount, BPI Branch
  • Indicate the campaign or project you wish to give to (Kalinga Maguindanao)
  • Deposits that are unconfirmed or unidentified for one month will be given to the ongoing campaign or to the community where it is needed the most.

    March 30, 10:13 PM

    Talayan Evacuation Site
Brgy. Poblacion, Talayan, Maguindanao

Fighting continues

    Families continue to flee

    Fear growing
Hatred brewing

    Caring must continue
Children must continue to feel

    Hope over fear

    Love over hatred"

    - Dan Bercasio, GK Worker

    March 30, 3:44 PM

    "PEACE is WILLED and ACTED ain't just gonna present itself.." - Mark Aquino, GK Volunteer

    "They dont deserve your BULLETS and ANGER. A selfie with the kids at Poblacion, Talayan, Maguindanao Evacuation Center." - Mark Aquino, GK Volunteer

    Team GK at Kunsay Compound Evacuation Center, Brgy Dapiawan, Maguindanao

    March 21, 1:16 PM

    "The first time we went to Dapiawan, the kids were just looking at us. 
When we try to engage them in a conversation, except for a few who would answer from a distance, many would just stare..

    Kuya Randy joined the getting to know you game, open,close, exchange the basket....

    The first day we gathered them for "Paraisong Pambata, they began to warm up to us. They loved every activity. They participated enthusiastically in every game. The ring of their laughter filled the area. It was as if, they were not displaced by the armed conflict.

    Team GK South Central Mindanao with the kids. Sara is second from the left in the front row.

    Just a few days later, in a conversation with the girls, 10 year old Arpas told me, "Ate, itong si Sara umiiyak pag gabi." I turned to Sara to ask her why. The latter, embarrassed, covered her face with her "tandong" and peeked so that I could only see her eyes. Sara was "teary eyed". "And why are are you crying, Sara?" She didn't answer but Arpas did. "Kasi namimiss nya daw kayo." I could almost cry myself. It takes only a few days for them to be attached.. it was hard to hold back my tears as well. It is just as easy for me to love them.

    That day when we left, they told us "Ate balik kayo bukas ha?" 
Now they expect and they will wait everyday…"

    - Gabi No Ang, GK Worker

    March 19, 7:01 PM

    "The Team has bonded with the IDP kids!

    "Singing "kaibigang libro" with Jun, Hanabi (beside me) & Arpas (beside Jun)" - Gabi No Ang, GK Volunteer

    After several days of conducting Paraisong Pambata, the children started to look forward to it. When called to lead in a group game, they no longer hesitate. When called to lead the prayer before meals, they no longer push someone else to do it. They volunteer to go around to collect empty lunch boxes from the tents. The kids now tell them even what they dream to become. Hanadi, one of the pretty girls i posted earlier, wants to be a beauty queen someday! Legit dream I suppose because she's a real beauty!

    When the Team finished packing for the day, the kids sent them off with a big smile on their faces!…"
    - Deanna Griño, GK Volunteer

    March 19, 4:54 PM

    This Kusina ng Kalinga kitchen today fed 3,000 children from Sultan Kudarat and Maguindanao.

    March 18, 3:54 PM

    "Today we have distributed more than 1,000 meals to 6 Evacuation Centers in Datu Saudi Ampatuan (Mahad Buayan, Pendililang Elem. School, Kunsay Compound, Madrasah Madia, Dapiawan Elem. School, & Madia). These centers houses IDP's from 15 barangays affected by the ongoing conflict."
    - Noel Griño, GK Worker

    March 18, 7:19 AM

    Team Kalinga Maguindanao on kitchen duties...happily preparing hot meals for the internally displaced persons (IDPs) of Maguindanao.

    March 17, 9:08 PM

    "Guns are silent at this time. But the evacuees are not yet allowed to return to their homes. It is not yet safe, they are told.

    Gawad Kalinga volunteers from Sultan Kudarat, composed of Muslims and Christians, spent the day playing with the kids affected by the armed conflict.

    Hot meals were prepared by the volunteers and distributed to the kids in three evacuation centers within Datu Saudi Ampatuan, Maguindanao.

    Guns are silent. Laughter reverberates. Joy extinguishes fear. Love is felt. Hope is real." - Dan Bercasio, GK Worker

    March 17, 9:08 PM

    "When she started as Sibol Teacher in GK Purok Islam, all she had was a heart to teach. She had no training. But that was many years ago. Now, Katiang's teaching skills have developed.

    Today, she took time off from Purok Islam Sibol School to serve in the feeding of the IDPs at Dapiawan Central Elementary school. She was happy for the opportunity to "pay forward"... She had once received, now, she is the one giving.

    There was no language barrier as she herself is a Maguindanaoan. The kids were 'all eyes and ears' as she taught them rhymes and children's songs.

    She said, she is going back to Dapiawan and wants to tag along Teacher Mels and Teacher Nenet of Datu Paglas…."
    - Deanna Griño
    , GK Volunteer

    March 17, 3:36 PM

    Hunger ends where caring begins: from the Kusina ng Kalinga mobile kitchen to the evacuation center

    "There are things in life that are so amazing. In the midst of the battle at Maguindanao, we can see smiles when we start to care for each other. We can end hunger and poverty where caring begins. This is the mobile kitchen for Operation Walang Iwanan… #hungerendswherecaringbegins"

    - Aimiel Agcaoili, GK Volunteer

    March 17, 3:36 PM

    "10 year old Arpas and 11 year old Hanadi are just 2 of the many girls whose families saught shelter at Dapiawan Central Elementary School , Datu Saudi Ampatuan." - Deanna Griño, GK Volunteer

    March 16, 6:23 PM

    "It was an hour of laughter... an hour of peace.

    A Philippine Army soldier performed magic tricks to entertain the evacuees in Dapiawan Elementary School. It brought so much joy and laughter especially to the kids. Watching them cheer and hearing them laugh brought to mind what peace looks and feels like.

    How I wish we could extend this short moment of peace much longer, if not permanently. We owe it to them. Peace is also their birthright." - Dan Bercasio, GK Worker

    March 15, 8:45 PM

    "Amid the violence, faith and hope thrives.

    Today at the evacuation site in Datu Saudi Ampatuan, I met Hom. He is 14 years old and he is about to graduate from grade school in less than two weeks from now. I asked him how many times his family had to evacuate due to armed conflict. He said he couldn't count anymore. But in spite of that, he remains determined to finish school and pursue higher education. I asked him what he dreams of becoming. He replied, "I want to learn English, Tagalog and Arabic." "Why is that?", I asked. "Because I want to be an Ulama and I want to teach others, as well." he said. An Ulama is a religious scholar on Islam.

    Hom (seated left) with his Grade 6 batch mates and with their new friend, Ate Donna

    In the middle of the crossfire, a 14-year old is able to transcend beyond the violence. In spite of hostilities, he is able to dream not just for himself but also for others.

    While they still dream, let us help them hold on to those dreams.

    While they still care for others, let us also assure them that we haven't left them behind.

    Walang Iwanan!" - Dan Bercasio, GK Worker

    March 15, 4:20 PM

    "Today, when we arrived at Dapiawan Central Elementary school, we chanced upon their graduating pupils practicing for their Commencement Exercise - that despite the fact that their school hosts one of the biggest number of IDPs (Internally Displaced Persons) due to the armed conflict between BIFF and the Philippine Armed Forces just a few kilometers away. As we watched them practice, we could easily forget they are only graduating from Elementary. They looked like they are about to graduate from high school. Dan and Donna chatted with them and found out they were indeed about 14-15 years old. Intermittent armed conflict in the area have deprived them about 4 years of education.. I am simply amazed of their resilience! They remained in high spirits as they shout their hearts out while practicing their graduation song..." - Deanna Griño, GK Volunteer

    March 14, 7:07 AM

    "60 percent of those displaced in the conflict in the area of Mamasapano are kids and the youth. To those who want all out war, you should talk to these young people. They taught me why it is worth risking for peace. If these kids will find a father, mother, brother, sister in us, I believe we will be building something much stronger than any army: the value of family. Walang iwanan!" - Luis Oquiñena, GK Executive Director

    March 13, 10:06 PM

    "Team GK meeting Gen Pangilinan, Commanding General of the 6th Infantry Division, General Charlie Galvez, Chairman of the Committee of Cessation of Hostilities and Dr Tahir, Provincial Health Officer. I didn't negotiate for peace. We volunteered to be of help to our countrymen. GK builds peace in a manner we know care. OPERATION WALANG IWANAN: Kalinga Maguindanao is now activated. We will conduct relief operations in evacuation centers starting in Dapiawan Central School, Datu Saudi Ampatuan Maguindanao." - Luis Oquiñena, GK Executive Director

    March 13, 9:52 PM


    "In Dapiawan, Datu Saudi Ampatuan in Maguindanao. Evacuation center for families displaced due to the ongoing conflict in the area of Mamasapano. Conferring with my twin Mari...questions like why do we have to do this? Why risk? We reminded each other that simply, we cant and should not turn our backs from the poor and that we will do this for love of God and Country... In GK, if we will ask others to take the risk to care, it is our duty to be the first to do so. Operation Walang Iwanan: Kalinga Maguindanao is now activated. GK will conduct relief operations for the evacuees starting in Dapiawan." - Luis Oquiñena, GK Executive Director

    March 13, 8:07 PM

    "With evacuees from the Mamasapano area. I spoke in Tagalog, they all spoke Maguindanaon, the young lady interpreted for me. Seems like I can understand them and they understood every word I uttered...amazing how a genuine intent to just care can simplify the meaning of sincerity. Today Operation Walang Iwanan: Kalinga Maguindanao is now activated. We will begin relief operations for the families displaced by conflict in Maguindanao in the surrounding areas of Mamasapano." - Luis Oquiñena, GK Executive Director

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