Integrated Computer Systems Inc. Partners with GK

by Joyce Uy

ICS President, Mr. George T. Barcelon handing over the check to GK, together with department heads of ICS

Ever since Typhoon Pablo happened, GK has been on-call 24/7 to lessen the devastation on ground. Relief efforts have been organized and donations from all over the world have been coming in. Last December 28, 2012, a Christmas Party was even held so that over 3,000 children and 2,000 adults may still feel the spirit of Christmas amidst the calamity. A month after the typhoon, the work is still far from over. Those who have lost everything have nothing to start with, and this is the timewhen victims are most vulnerable. Diseases have started to spread and relief goods are beginning to deplete. Thankfully, there are those who continue to help the victims stand up on their own two feet and begin again.

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The employees of one of the country’s leading IT solutions providers, Integrated Computer Systems Inc. (ICS), decided to pool in funds from their personal money to donate to the victims of Typhoon Pablo. This was spearheaded by their President, Mr. George T. Barcelon by inspiring his employees to donate by being the first one to give out of his own pocket during their Christmas Party. He even encouraged everyone to participate by deciding to double the amount that will be raised by his employees. Ms. Lailah Dizon, Training Officer of the Human Resource Department together with Ms. Celeste Lorayes, HR Manager were the ones who contacted GK and helped in the collection from their employees.

Last January 10, 2013, a check worth Php 174,000 was turned over to GK. During the handing over of the check, the heads of each department were present and Mr. Barcelon handed over the check personally. The money will be used for the feeding program and medical mission that GK will be implementing for eight weeks starting by end January.

Thank you to Integrated Computer Systems Inc. for your generosity! Your contribution will definitely make a difference to the victims of Typhoon Pablo. We hope that there are more good souls like you. Help us feed more children and transform lives!


OPERATION WALANG IWANAN is ongoing, and we need YOUR help. Let us transform this disaster into an opportunity to bring hope to the families affected by Typhoon Pablo. Walang Iwanan!


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