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Invitation to the GK Global Summit 2011 : in Sydney, Australia 15-16 October 2011

Global Summit 2011 Speeches here.

Gawad Kalinga invites you to the 3rd GK Global Summit in Sydney, Australia on October 15-16, 2011. Dedicated to the eradication of poverty through the restoration of human dignity and a culture of caring and sharing, the event hopes to share the GK community development template and engage like-minded individuals and institutions to help end poverty, the GK way.

Since 2003, Gawad Kalinga has successfully brokered private and public partnerships, bridged friendships among people of various faiths, ethnic backgrounds and political affiliations, and triggered massive volunteerism to implements its programs for the poorest of the poor communities starting in the Philippines. Due to its transformative impact, both on the poor and the rich alike, it has become both a global movement and a community building template for other nations that wish to liberate their people from the vicious cycle of poverty.

We want to share the GK way with like-minded global citizens to reach out to the poor communities in their own countries. Through this year’s global summit, we hope to achieve the following goals:

1. Present GK as a global template to end poverty, with GK Australia playing a key role in its expansion in the Oceania region.
2. Present the GK Way as a platform of solidarity among countries, and attract more partners to the cause of building a better world.
3. Honor the GK builders, caretakers, champions and partners and sustain their resolve for GK’s 2024 vision to end poverty for 5 million poorest families by the year 2024.

As our valued partner, we would like to invite you to join us in this historic event. We look forward to the sharing and shaping of our collective dream of a world free from poverty.

Sincerely Yours,

Tony Meloto


Gawad Kalinga

Andrew Chalk


GK Australia