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Gawad Kalinga and Manila Water Open Doors to Outstanding Filipino-American Leaders
[Date Created: July 25, 2012]

Posted July 17, 2012 in

Ambassador Jose Cuisia (leftmost) with GK Founder Tony Meloto;

FAYLP participants sample the products of the GK Enchanted Farm

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17 July 2012 - Participants of the Filipino American Youth Leadership Program (FAYLP) visited selected project sites on July 15 that are responding to the important areas of community development and environmental protection.

Philippine Ambassador to the United States Jose L. Cuisia, Jr. led the group that traveled to Bulacan, where they visited the Gawad Kalinga's (GK) Enchanted Farm. GK's founder, Mr. Antonio "Tony" Meloto, hosted the delegation and, among other topics, spoke of the Center for Social Information (CSI), the social entrepreneurship program of GK. The group saw for themselves, in a Philippine setting, "how the mindset of young people could be transformed from merely jobseekers to wealth makers," using Mr. Meloto's words.

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The Enchanted Farm is the first of GK's twenty-four CSI sites around the Philippines. The area is being transformed into a landscape of vast potential that will sustain communities for the next generations. The first farm village was created with the help of students from Ateneo and De La Salle Universities, as well as the involvement of French interns from the top business schools in France. The French interns encouraged the Filipinos in the community to appreciate their resources, cultivate them, and embrace their culture. Jean Marko from Paris shared that he used to be an investment banker, but later became involved in social entrepreneurship. He said that he found "two-way satisfaction-personal and community satisfaction" in what he does.

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The GK Enchanted Farm welcomes everyone to experience the goodness in Angat, Bulacan;

The Golden Egg and Cafe de Suc (Sulu coffee), some of the Enchanted Farm's products

GK collaborates with the private sector, such as Shell for investments in road and other infrastructure and Hyundai for its transport needs, as well as the public sector, like the Department of Agrarian Reform for raw materials and soil analysis. The farm was able to introduce to the local market products made by the community such as the EnchanTea purple tea, which is made from camote leaves, lemongrass and calamansi, foodgrade salted eggs replacing the red salted egg, chocolates, and Sulu coffee. Profits from the sale of these products go to education programs and other initiatives such as funding for teachers.

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The GK Enchanted Farm just celebrated its 2nd Anniversary. You too can experience the magic and help create businesses that do not leave the poor behind!

* To apply as an intern or volunteer, email

* To join the social innovation camps held at the farm during weekends, email

* You can also join the GK CSI Night every Tuesday at the Enchanted Farm Cafe (Commonwealth Avenue, Quezon City) to interact with other social entrepreneurs and learn more about the Gawad Kailnga Center for Social Innovation.

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