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Mainstreaming a Culture of Caring and Sharing

Poverty happens when we forget to care for our fellowmen. Content with our own lives and our circle of family and friends, we tend to overlook the needs of others and fail to recognize that we are part of one big family. For poverty to end, love must overflow from our homes into the world.

Gawad Kalinga seeks to restore the dignity of the poor through a culture of caring and sharing. GK adheres to the Filipino saying “Walang Iwanan,” which means leaving no one behind. By being our brother's keeper, we will help one another by giving the Best for the Least, in the spirit of service and friendship.

More than anything, the culture of Gawad Kalinga is about inspiring and engaging its workers, partners and volunteers to care for more than just themselves and share the best of their talents, skills, time and resources to help the poor in reaching their fullest potential.