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If each of us takes part in caring and sharing, the overwhelming challenge of poverty can be addressed. Alone we can do so little, but together we can do so much.
Bridging the Miles: Air France-KLM Strengthens Partnership with GK
[Date Created: September 17, 2015]

On September 8, 2015, Gawad Kalinga (GK) and Air France-KLM strengthened their partnership by signing a memorandum of agreement between Air France-KLM’s Chairman and CEO, Alexandre De Juniac and GK’s Founder and Chairman, Tony Meloto at the Air France headquarters in Tremblay-en-France.

>> Read the official press release from the Air France-KLM website

A major global air transport player based in Paris, Air France-KLM has been a long-time partner of GK. In 2009, the regional establishment of Air France-KLM sponsored the Air France KLM-GK Village in Bagong Silang, Caloocan City, Philippines. Previously shanties inhabited by informal settlers, 47 houses now occupy two sites where over 200 residents live with hope for a better future.

In 2014, Air France Foundation sponsored 30 students of the School for Experiential and Entrepreneurial Development (SEED) in the GK Enchanted Farm in Angat, Bulacan. SEED Philippines is the first school for social entrepreneurship in the country to provide an innovative, education-based solution to rural development through education and hands-on learning. It provides full student scholarships to high potential and talented public school students, who otherwise are not able to afford to pursue higher learning. SEED is now on its second year with 87 scholars who are dreaming to one day be social entrepreneurs.

Taking it a Step Further

What started in 2009 as a local partnership in building houses in Bagong Silang has now evolved into a global partnership, creating more opportunities to bridge the affluent West with the Philippines to create true inclusive growth. The partnership will provide free flights to GK interns and scholars and continue to give 30 scholarship grants for SEED annually. Air France-KLM will also promote GK, the GK Enchanted Farm, and social tourism in the Philippines through their inflight magazine, inflight film showing, and inflight selling. Aside from this, GK has been named the main beneficiary in Air France’s program called Flying Blue Charities, where loyal passengers are encouraged to donate their miles to Gawad Kalinga.

Air France-KLM is truly one of our partners who have proven that no matter how far you are and no matter what race you belong to, we are together in this mission to end poverty.

Gawad Kalinga partners with Air France-KLM
by Marilyn Rayray, ABS-CBN Europe News Bureau
Posted September 12, 2015 on

PARIS, France - After years of long-standing relations with Gawad Kalinga, Air France-KLM believed it is time to take that partnership to another level.

“We have long-standing relation, 6 or 7 years and so it was time to sign a partnership with you," said Air France-KLM Chairman and CEO, Alexandre De Juniac.

The signing of the memorandum of agreement by De Juniac and Gawad Kalinga founder Tony Meloto took place at the Air France headquarters in Tremblay-en-France.

The agreement officially made Gawad Kalinga one of few non-government organization partners of Air France-KLM.

Meanwhile, De Juniac said he’s looking forward to having direct flights from Paris, which could promote tourism in the Philippines.

"Gawad Kalinga is very famous and world class foundation against poverty. We thought that it is necessary to sign an agreement with Tony Meloto. It was for me an enormous honor to formalize this partnership. We also look forward to serving Philippines through Air France perhaps direct flights from Paris that could be a nice destination for us to open… Philippines being more and more attractive scene to Europeans especially to the French eyes," he said.

The airline has been supporting Gawad Kalinga by building homes in the community villages. They have funded both the eco bed and breakfast facility in Bulacan and the School for Experiential and Entrepreneurial Development or SEED University.

The agreement entailed free flights among GK interns and scholars, and 30 annual scholarship grants to be given to poor families in Bulacan.

Air France-KLM had also committed to promote tourism in the Philippines in a social responsible way through inflight film showing of tourist destinations and the inclusion of Gawad Kalinga communities in their inflight magazines.

Furthermore, inflight selling of GK products and goods will start next month.

"You are the first global airline to work with us," Meloto said.

He added, "Maligaya ako dahil nakikita ng buong mundo and tunay na Pilipino. Ang kagandahan ng ating bansa, ang hospitality natin, at ang paglago ng ating ekonomiya. Ang gusto ng mga European ay kasabay ng pag-angat ng ating ekonomiya ay ang pag-angat din ng mga mahihirap. Yung 'walang iwanan economy."

* Read the full article HERE.

Gawad Kalinga is not a charity, rather, it's an organization that aims to end poverty by building empowered and productive communities. This would not be possible without the partners who have journeyed with us in changing the lives of others. Like Air France-KLM, you too can be a hero to the poorest of the poor and partner with us in making sure that no one is left behind. Find out how you can help #endpoverty today. Walang Iwanan!

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