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7 Point Vision

Each GK village aspires to become a model community that is:


A Faith Community where residents are free to practice their religious belief in an atmosphere of mutual respect and reverence.


A Peace Zone where neighbors live in harmony with each other and where conflicts are justly settled based on the higher principles of neighborly love and the common good.

A Tourist Spot where the sense of beauty and order is regarded as an indispensable part of dignified human dwelling.

A Productivity Center where human and natural resources are utilized to sustain the growth and development of the community.

An Environmentally Healthy Community where residents practice the principles of proper utilization and preservation of the environment.

An Empowered Community where individuals participate actively in governing the daily life and activities of their village.

A Secure Community where residents are prepared to respond accordingly in the event of a natural or man-made calamity in order to preserve lives and property.